Behind the changes in nature visible to mankind, drastic worldwide changes are taking place at microbiological level as a result of airborne nutrients which settle on natural habitats. This can explain bee mortality as well as the occurrence of blue algae problems. Science in Water B.V. is working on solutions and has developed products based on practical trials. The most recent information dates from January 2013. Since then only minor modifications have been applied. Later this year we will post additional details about the processes which cause bees to disappear and die. If you would like to keep abreast of our developments, please sign up for our newsletter.


bijen plaatje

Winter mortality in bees can be prevented by administering iron to bee colonies. Additional iron seems to influence bees favorably in several ways. Click in the picture to read about why that is and how it works. See here for the product information in english, german, french, bulgarian or dutch.

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